Church Hall Rental Agreement

These rentals may require a cleaning or reservation deposit. 19. Under no circumstances may the liquor be sold until the authorization of the presbytery has been granted and the required liquor authorization has been obtained at the time of obtaining the key to the hall and payment of the deposit. The First United Methodist Church of Fremont has a wide selection of rooms that can be rented for personal use, concerts, or use by nonprofits. Rooms can be rented continuously or only once. One-time or short-term rates for non-members are listed below. Please contact us for prizes for members, sponsored organizations, or activities that support church missions. (12) Persons authorized by the presbytery shall have access at all times to all designated parts of the parish house. 17. The tenant of the communal house and the guests are confined to the hall and its accompanying facilities, which does not extend to the school, playground, church or presbytery. 5. Nothing shall be fixed on the walls, floors, curtains or any part of the buildings, nor panels, decorations, etc., may be installed without the permission of the presbytery. 23.

Smoking is not permitted in the parish house and on the church site. 15. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the parish priest is final. 1. Applications for the use of the parish house are submitted in writing and a single certificate of license or parish house contract is signed by the organization or individual and authorized by the parish priest/administrator. (see the lease of the communal house). 2. A deposit (depending on the risk and size of the event) must be paid to the person in charge of the reservation (parish secretary) at the presbytery prior to an event and is refunded in full, unless the existing lobby, facilities and furniture are damaged and the surrounding property is left clean and orderly. 21. Authorization to consume alcohol may be refused at the discretion of the presbytery. 9. It is the responsibility of the lessee to obtain from the competent authorities the necessary authorizations for the planned activities.

To provide entertainment, it must conform to the values and standards of the parish. All programs must be submitted for approval prior to the recruitment period. 14. The subletting of the communal house or any establishment is not authorized. 13. Sales of any kind are not permitted without prior consent. .

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