Api To Update Blanket Purchase Agreement

Hello all- I need to create a package order with the PO interface table and the PO API, I wonder if we can use the same Conc Import Standard Purchase Order program to create a Blanket Purchase order? If so, what processes/fields are needed to populate the required PO interface table for Blanket, which differs from the default COMMAND. Hello Sree, you can automatically import and update price/sales catalog information and supplier requests for offer (RFQ) through the open purchase documents interface. The open interface Purchase receipts use application program interfaces (APIs) to process catalog data in Oracle Applications interface tables to ensure that it is valid before being imported into the purchase module After validating the price/sales catalog information or RFQ responses, the Open Interface purchase receipt program converts the information, including discount information, into the interface tables in purchase agreements (BPA) or catalog offers in purchases. You can choose to import the data in the form of framework purchase agreements or package offers. You can also update your item database and apply purchase rules and unlock methods to the imported item for both voucher purchase contracts and offers. Purchase agreements or package offers can also be replaced with the latest price/sales catalog information when your supplier sends a replacement catalog or are updated when the vendor sends an updated catalog. Greetings,Vidyutkumar Desai Simultaneously Perform „Import Price Catalogs“, select „Blanket;“ Then you can import Blanket po from the interface. PS.view request,then submit a New Request,can choose `Import Price Catalogs` competitorLeo There is no way to update the information provided by the provider to Financials while they are using the SUPPLIER OPEN INTERFACE in version 12i.aloz0101.pixnet.net/blog/post/33472452-oe_blanket_pub.process_blanket Does anyone know the API for the trade agreement and if it can be used for creation and updating? We are on version 12. .

dbms_output.put_line (`The BPA that is now approved =>` p_rec.segment1); DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE (`Order now approved =>` p_rec.segment1); FINAL LOOP; END;– R12 – PO – SAMPLE SCRIPT FOR THE APPROVAL OF THE FLAT-RATE PURCHASE CONTRACT You can help me get the procedure you wrote to call the OE_BLANKET_PUB. Process_Blanket. . — R12 – PO – SAMPLE COMMAND APPROVAL SCRIPT fnd_global.apps_initialize (user_id => 2083.resp_id => 20707.resp_appl_id => 201); Sometimes we wonder what exactly Oracle is doing when we click the Allow button in the order/request form….

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