Academic Collaboration Agreement Template

Read the draft contract descriptions below to determine the appropriate agreement for certain orders. Not sure what you need or do you need a tailor-made agreement? Contact your unit`s contract negotiator at PreAward Services. If a sponsor has made an agreement for a specific activity, please send the document to PreAward Services for verification. Please note that university-sponsored research processing procedures must be followed by both parties prior to the implementation of an agreement, including department and higher education level authorizations on the Cayuse Internal Processing (IPF) form and documentation of compliance issues. This model can be used for certain collaborative projects, programs or other activities that do not involve faculty/student exchanges or double degrees. This model can be used to facilitate brief visits by students from an international university to take courses or do research at the UI. Students must be admitted to the UI as non-students and receive adequate financial support for the duration of their stay. The templates below may require changes or revisions based on the type of activity you want to offer. The oVPIA Partnership Team will work with you on any necessary changes.

A written agreement on the exchange of research material. K-State`s standard MTA is intended for the transfer of K-State`s own equipment to non-profit research organizations. If the other party is a signatory to the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement (UBMTA), the UBMTA can generally be used instead of the K-State MTA model to speed up the negotiation process. The cooperating foreign partner or company may request the use of its proposal, in particular if it has limited flexibility under internal rules or guidelines. If this is the case, make sure that you compare this model to the appropriate UI model to ensure that all necessary and other terms are presented. Indiana University has three different types of agreements for partnerships and cross-border activities: before designing an agreement, read the policy and contractual policies and contact us with any questions. The terms of the agreement should describe the purpose of each activity, the staff involved, all financial obligations for the UI and the partner, all institutional guidelines for each activity and relevant visa information where international mobility is concerned. .

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