The Agreement Noveltoon

„Hello, I`m Marsha Nicholas,“ Marsha replied softly. „I can`t be late when it comes to meaning,“ Marsha replied, passing. Then he went on the couch and sat on the couch. „Hello missing, can I help you?“ asked a receptionist when Marsha visited him. Fortunately, Marsha doesn`t have a university schedule today. So he doesn`t have to rush. Marsha walked around the closet and opted for a sleeveless yellow patterned mini dress. Combined with her mother`s Gucci flat shoes, „All is well, thank you.“ Marsha immediately took the building`s access card and headed for the elevator. 5. The first and second part should only look happy and friendly before the parents. The next day, Marsha prepares to go to William`s office.

Yesterday, when Marsha was home, William Marsha sent his office address. Marsha is eager to talk about William`s plan. Marsha polished her face with thin makeup. Then she took the keys to the car on her dresser. He got out of the room to the car. Shortly after, Marsha gets in the car and drives her car to Millik Williams` business. „Yes, a deal. We`re going to stay married. Like we`re going to take this game, I`m going to make a deal for us tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning, you`ll go to my office. I`ll give you that acquired,“ said William. 7. The second part must comply with the first part`s request. Marsha enters William`s office. When she arrives at William`s office, Marsha`s eyes no longer look at the huge and luxurious workplace. A much more important place of work than his father`s. „I missed my phone call.“ Marsha hands over William`s cell phone. 4. It is forbidden to interfere in personal matters.

„Yes, aunt. I`m going to try to come,“ Marsha replied with a warm smile on her face. Marsha concluded the agreement and put it on the table. „I`ve read, but there are two points that overwhelm me.“ „Point 6 and 7. Why do I have to obey you? „,“ cried Marsha, who did not accept. Whatever it is, do I have no choice? An angry Marsha exclaimed. „But remember that you don`t dare confuse yourself with me.“ William smiled sarcasm. „I`m not interested in little girls.“ „Come on, ma`am. Sir William is waiting for you,“ albert says. Marsha leans over and follows Albert into William`s office. 3. The first party gives monthly money and also lives the second part.

When he heard William`s words, Marsha smiled.

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