Furniture Bargaining Council Collective Agreement 2018

I, MILDRED NELISIWE OLIPHANT, Minister of Labour, within the meaning of Section 32(2) of the Industrial Relations Act, 1995, that the collective agreement, which is part of the schedule, is mandatory for other employers and workers in this sector, effective on the second Monday following the publication of the notice and until June 30, 2018, under Section 31 of the 1995 Labour Relations Act, excluding clause 2 of the collective agreement reached within the Bargaining Council for the Western Furniture Industry. . Labour Relations Act: Furniture Bargaining Council: extension to non-parties to the main collective agreement (English / isiXhosa) In accordance with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act 1995 (Law 66 of 1995) (amended), made and concluded between the… Emails separated by comma, maximum limit of 4 addresses ARTICLE ENQUIRY SAVE THIS ARTICLE EMAIL THIS ARTICLE ARTICLE . EMAIL THIS ARTICLE SAVE THIS ARTICLE ARTICLE ENQUIRY To subscribe to or click here to promote or click here.

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