Commvault End User License Agreement

This CLA grants the user a non-exclusive license to use the software (including software that may be integrated into a hardware application) according to the conditions set out in this document. You agree that all updates, extensions, maintenance versions, patches, patches, patches or other changes to the software available to you will be subject, on the basis of the available conditions, to the terms of this CAU or to the current version of this CAU. Commvault may, at its sole discretion, make intangible changes to this CLA by publishing the updated version of Unless otherwise stated, the license granted to it is unlimited, provided you comply with the terms of these provisions. This AEE is applicable until termination, unless otherwise stated. You can terminate this CLA at any time by destroying all copies of the software and related documentation. To the extent that current legislation permits, if you do not comply with an essential provision of this Board, this Board will end immediately without Commvault`s notice. Once completed, you will need to destroy all copies of the software in your possession or control. b) types of CALs.

There are two types of CAL: one for devices and one for users. Each device CAL allows a device used by each user to access server software instances on your licensed servers. Each user CAL allows a user to access instances of server software on your licensed servers with any device. You can use a combination of device and user CAL. 11. LICENSE SCOPE. The software is licensed, not sold. Unless you are granted other rights under applicable law, Microsoft reserves all other rights that are not expressly granted under this Agreement, whether implicitly, estoppel or otherwise. In doing so, you must respect all the technical constraints of the software that only allow you to use them in a certain way. You can`t 9.4.

Termination effect. at the end or expiry of the agreement: (a) all rights and licences for services are immediately terminated; (b) you immediately pay us all fees that are due and payable until the termination date; (c) on request, each party returns to the other party or deletes the other party`s confidential information; and (d) We have the right to delete your data after sixty (60) days after the end or end of the contract. If you wish to take steps to preserve or transfer your data, you must notify us immediately before the expiry of this 30-day period and pay our extraction and export costs. You are solely responsible for the retention or retention of your data in the event of termination or expiry of this Agreement. In the event that you license the software on a temporary, duration, subscription or usage type license (the „licensing period“), your license to use the Software should not be unlimited, regardless of the conflicting language contained in that CAU. In the case of such a license, your license expires at the end of the licence period indicated on the order document in question. You may need to use reauthorization keys regularly during the licensing period provided by Commvault. When the license period expires, you can only use a limited recovery version of the software to restore data stored by the software during the licensing period.

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