Antidumping Suspension Agreement

The amendment remains unchanged from a proposed amendment submitted to the public for notice in September. „This pioneering agreement will help revitalize the U.S. nuclear industry while promoting America`s long-term strategic interests,“ said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. From the reference date, the trade will suspend its investigation of anti-dumping duties on fresh tomatoes originating in Mexico, in accordance with Section 734 (c) of the Act and 19 CFR 351.208. [37] (2) Imports exceeding the amount permitted by a suspension agreement, including quantities authorized during the transitional period (see paragraph (e) of this section, may be exported or destroyed under the authority of customs; except that, if the agreement is authorized under Section 704 (c) (3) or Section 734 (l) of the Act (restrictions on the volume of imports), surplus goods may be held under the agreement, with the Secretary`s agreement, for future opening, by introducing it into an external commercial area or by introducing them for warehouses. The suspension of the liquidation, ordered following the continuation of the investigation on 7 May 2019, remains in force, subject to paragraph 734 (h) (3) of the law. [34] Section 734 (f) (2) (B) of the Act provides that trade can adapt the security necessary to reflect the effect of the 2019 agreement. Trade has established that the 2019 agreement completely eliminates the adverse effects of imports and, therefore, zero-adjusted trade the guarantee required by signatory exporting producers. Guarantee rates for imports of unsigned producer-exporters, based on provisional dumping margins, published in the follow-up communication, remain unchanged. In the absence of a request to reconsider the suspension under section 734 (h) of the Act, or if the ITC conducts a review and finds: That the adverse effect of the import of the products in question is completely eliminated by the 2019 agreement, trade will end the suspension of the liquidation of all imports of fresh tomatoes from Mexico and will reimburse all cash inflows collected from the import of fresh tomatoes from Mexico Section 734 (h) (3) of the Act. In accordance with section 734 (d) of the Act, Commerce finds that the suspension of the investigation is in the public interest and that effective U.S.

control of the agreement is feasible. Section 734 A( 2) (B) of the Act provides that the public interest covers the availability of products and the relative impact on the competitiveness of the domestic industry producing similar products, including these effects on employment and investment in this sector. When a domestic producer requests an administrative audit of the status and compliance with the agreement, trade will take these factors into account when conducting this review. If Commerce finds that the agreement is not working as intended in this regard, Commerce will consider all appropriate measures, including renegotiating the terms of the agreement, to resolve the problem or measures provided for in Section 751 (d) (1) of the Act. „This draft agreement represents an important step forward for the U.S. nuclear industry,“ said Trade Minister Wilbur Ross. „When completed, it will help restore the U.S. nuclear industry and protect Russia`s domestic uranium industry being dumped.“ Commerce publishes the proposed amendment to the public notice.

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