Walga Agreement

WALGA has relaunched and restructured its demand management program. Changes have been made to the modernization of contracts for preferred suppliers, the need to offer greater agility, easy access and wider market reach. A new set of purchase terms and conditions has been created to allow WALGA members to place an order in exchange for simplified terms for a significant volume of their preferred supplier transactions. If departures are required, additional schedules and complex contractual options have been maintained. The consolidation of Scope WALGA panels and review services has reduced the number of supplier panels from 38 to 11. The subcategory has been reclassified and consolidated to facilitate access and reduce uncertainty about the contract to be chosen in a supply environment. The extent of the services provided for each category has been reviewed and reformatted to clarify matters and establish minimum technical standards at a pre-qualification level. Rolling Contract Terms The introduction of two-year rolling contractual conditions after the first tender for pre-qualification has been introduced. At the end of each contract period, a simplified supplier verification and due diligence procedure is implemented.

Walga has established a new business management team that will focus more on the collaboration of members and suppliers with local government buyers. Supplier Value The focus will be more on the value of the supplier to the local authority sector through supply rates and price methodology. – Engineering, Environmental and Technical Consultancy Frequent tenders for WALGA panels are offered at regular intervals for the tender, to enable timely and relevant panels that are both topical and tailored to the supply and demand needs of WALGA members. The simplified contractual terms have been subject to legal review and reformulation of its contractual terms. The contract has been simplified to focus on the essential elements of the Preferred „supplier“ relationship and to create a fairer framework. Management contracts in local government are designed to help Municipalities and contract managers in Western Australia address issues and strengthen the bar for improving all aspects of their contract management. Management contracts adapt modern best contract management practices for contract managers in the context of the western Australian Local Government. Benefits for members who access PSPs: – Save time by avoiding the need to tender All local governments that are members of WALGA are able to purchase goods, services and work through the extensive panels of WALGA Preferred (PSPs) program providers. These contracts are classified in key areas and currently provide $380 million worth of goods, services and work to walga members. $688.00 (including GST) Cancellations, transfers and substitutions – trust the due diligence required here for information on the purchasing services we offer, click here. Local governments in Western Australia spend about $4 billion a year on goods and services. It is therefore important that they maintain the community best and offer them the best value.

As an interest rate fund manager, the need for transparency at all stages of the contracting process is essential. WALGA provides local governments and associate members with quality support, moderation and advice at every stage of the procurement process. We want members to achieve the best possible contracting results, while respecting compliance obligations. We are committed to helping members implement best practices in all aspects of contracting, including purchasing capacity building. The Purchasing Services team has experience working with a large number of local authority staff involved in the acquisition and awarding of contracts for a number of procurement projects. It

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