Usw Collective Agreement Red Mountain

Pay rate: According to the IES collective agreement. RED does not offer on-site accommodation, so most employees decide to live in Rossland. There are rentals in Rossland, 5 km from the mountain, warfield – 10 km and the trail – 15 km. There is a free shuttle bus between LE ROUGE and Rossland and public transport that goes to points beyond. Performance Measures:Positive Attitude Fitness Physics with Good Hygiene Offer a polite attitude towards customers and colleagues Be prepared to help and go beyond the routine tasks of the position. Completes tasks under stress and printing qualifications Class 12 Solid Training Knowledge Red, Granite, Gray and Kirkup Berg Field Basic computer knowledge must be able to obtain a criminal record review for the explosive use test a valid WorkSafeBC Blasting Ticket visa should be considered an advantage must be a recent nuoec first aid with Advanced Protocols, or equivalent. Level 3 of the ATA is an advantage. NUOEC is the preferred first aid level that should reach the Red Mountain Ski Patrol. You must have an Avalanche Level 1 CAA certification. CAA Level 2 would be considered an active Skills -Capabilities demonstration of competent skiing capability must be able to drive all the slopes in all weather conditions in a controlled and confident manner with a loaded sled, while taking into account the comfort and safety of the patient must be able to load and unload a competent sled on all elevators Need a competent handling Cordes during elevator evacuations and rescue must demonstrate. to work early in the morning, extended hours, public holidays and weekends RED Mountain Resort and the United Steelworkers Local 9705 have a collective agreement that prioritizes hiring local people who live in the area before renting from outside the area. This is a cooperation agreement in which you and the company contribute to their working time based on money. This fund is managed by the directors.

If you are sick or injured, not at work, contact one of the administrators to request benefits. Employees must have been ill or injured for at least two consecutive days to be eligible. The benefits you receive are equal to 50% of your normal daily salary. The operation of this fund is subject to other conditions and restrictions. The red season starts at the beginning until mid-December, the weather allows and closes on the first Monday in April. If this is the case, vocational training would take place before the season at the end of November or the beginning of December. These periods can vary by one or two weeks depending on the snow. THE success of RED depends on energetic, friendly and helpful collaborators, as remarkable as our legendary terrain! Successful candidates are responsible for courteous and professional first aid on the runways for Red Mountain guests and staff, to ensure that trail and race conditions are clearly marked and maintained for the safety of skiers and, if necessary, conduct an avalanche check when airtime is required for injured customers and employees who must have a NUOEC first aid ticket with Advanced Protocols, or employees who have completed a single season, must inform RED Resort in writing of its intention to be available for the upcoming season. Employees must indicate any changes or changes in their work status. Applications must be received by the first day of the week in September. For more information on applying for a work visa, see: .

To apply for this position, please visit Returning employees must also re-confirm their intention to return by September 14 of each season.

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