Joc Agreement

The university has entered into a system-wide agreement with Gordian Group to provide services to each campus, at the discretion of the campus, for a fixed fee. No campuses are required to work with Gordian Group. A contractor working under a JOC agreement is required by the YCW to carry out work in several markets until the budget or period is reached. This means that the contractor can apply for additional contracts from the contractor on the remaining budget when a contract is entered into with money to save. JOC can be used in combination with the UC EDPA ceiling. The ceiling EDPA retains a design professional for a specific type of work for a certain period of time. This is a flexible agreement that is similar to an PPE, as work permits are issued for certain areas of work. The design can be tailored to the needs of project participants (contractor, client, Campus Building Official, Campus Fire Marshal, etc.). 5% of the first $4 million1.95 per cent of the $4 million surplus; A 15% discount is granted for each invoice containing the contractor`s licence fee (see c c below) as of January 9, 2013. The effective rate will be 1.6575%.1.5% of the surplus of more than 10 million dollars in 12 consecutive months The YCW sector is exclusively for the contractor. Orders are generally used for clearly defined, recurrent or repetitive work, for which quick execution is essential, and not for individual projects. Using the YCW should not be an option, among other options to decide how to provide a specific improvement. The decision on whether or not to use the YCW for a particular type of improvement project should be made when the YCW is granted and, with respect to the YCW, it should be clearly determined whether or not the YCW should be used for some improvement.

The most important decision in the management of the YCW is therefore the development of the scope of application. When developing the scope, consult the President`s office, design and construction policy, and General Counsel`s office. As part of the tendering process, the contractor establishes a series of pre-estimated pre-calculations by specified quantity of common work units The final order is calculated on the basis of the price indicated for each work unit, multiplied by an adjustment value indicated by the construction cost index for that site. All JOC project awards require the submission of the contractor`s pre-qualifications and approval by the Office of General Council for all JOC awards. ii. Insurance: The contractor`s risk coverage is based on the actual value of each contract awarded in accordance with your tendering requirements and unit prices are determined in advance using localized labor, equipment and equipment costs. Subcontractors apply a pre-defined adjustment factor to unit prices, so that costs are controlled and projects start more quickly. Once a contract is made, each time a new project is identified, a standard process is followed.

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