Brisbane City Council Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. It is important that AWU members have a say in your new agreement. We have once again felt that if the Council is concerned about workers` current incomes, an increase in wages should be accepted. The Council was not impressed by its position of stopping wages for the duration of the agreement. When we insisted that the administration commit to seeking advice from the mayor, management said that the position was always a zero increase. Brisbane City Council will try to save $36 million by imposing a two-year pay freeze for city councillors and council staff to prepare its $3.1 billion budget against the coronavirus pandemic. The services union represents the Board`s employees and technical staff, including librarians and administrators. City councillors have not received an increase since 2018. The Average Board salary, including benefits, is $193,125.

Mayor Adrian Schrinner froze council salaries for two years. Credit: AAP/Albert Perez „We need to tighten our belts and this wage freeze will help us do that,“ he said, saying that the Council did not want to lay off workers and that more people in Brisbane will be unemployed. Mr. Jones stated that, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the union was in daily contact with all councils across the country and that Brisbane City Council could have informed us before informing the general world. „Dedicated to a better Brisbane“ is more than a single line in the Council logo. It is our commitment to the people of Brisbane to ensure that our city will always be a great place to live, work and relax. Mr. Baker said the union would fight against that decision. The AWU represents the Council`s external workers, including parks, roads and traffic control personnel. „If the mayor wants to announce that his opening negotiating position is a zero percent increase, that`s okay.“ Our members have the right to negotiate a new EBA on our subject and we will have discussions based on what our members expect from us at the negotiating table. Days after the election victory in Brisbane, Mayor-designate Adrian Schrinner announced that these measures would lead to all 10,000 council employees and councillors remaining on the same salary.

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